Galleys in, thanks to you!

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First, I want to thank my dear readers who kept me in their thoughts and prayers while I was mostly offline working on galleys. Right before I handed them in I received this email…

“We are still praying for your strength and wisdom to get through the ‘galleys’….but we can wait patiently because we love you and love what you do for us.
Peace and Joy”

I am so humbled and touched by all who come by here. I couldn’t do it without you.


Here’s a little update…

I read through the galleys several times, even orally. All 400 plus pages out loud:) Some of you may be happy to know that Love’s Awakening reads like a sunrise compared to the dusk-like qualities of Love’s Reckoning. There’s even a wee bit of humor in it!

Still, someone always has to die in my stories.


early pittsburgh

Within these galleys, my editors asked me interesting, very needed questions (107 to be exact) that resembled a history test…

Is this Latin phrase correct? Is this the Financial Panic of 1819 that was referred to on page 250? The attic is above the third floor, correct? Would the sound of a chair overhead reach to the parlor, which I assume is on the first floor? Would the fugitives be likely to give this information away to someone they may not be able to trust? Is this referring to Theophilos, the Byzantine emperor?


 I was quite fond of using these words umpteen times ~ echo, glittering, jaw, faded, fresh, stirred, kindled, sharp, etc. So I had to go on a little hunting expedition and find them and bring them down.


Mostly I listen to the rhythm of the words. That’s the true test of good writing to me.


While I’ve been reading galleys, I’d love to know what you’ve been reading…!