From Scotland to Acadia & back to Scotland again!

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I’m currently in the release whirlwind of The Rose & the Thistle & don’t talk much about future publishing projects. I will say novel 15, set in Acadia or present-day Nova Scotia & colonial America, releases next January 2024. It’s currently on my editor’s desk which means an official title is coming soon & cover art will start. For a few weeks I get to focus on novel 16 so it’s back to Scotland I go, specifically Glasgow!

I’ve been to Glasgow & it has a very different feel than Edinburgh. Museums & art galleries like Kelvingrove are a treasure trove & are FREE! Glasgow is fun & culinary & musical & historic in its own way. One of my favorite memories was watching the street band Clanadonia play & capture the spirit of Scotland so well!

Setting is truly a character in my novels & while I don’t usually have a person or template in mind for characters I almost always do for the homes they live in. In this case, Dumfries House is a Georgian wonder saved & reopened to the public in recent years. It’s the perfect setting for novel 16. I have a great deal more research to do but somehow those characters started talking & needed to be on the page as so often happens. I’m five chapters in & don’t mind a bit:)

So here’s to novels 15 & 16!