France & Dr. Lucy Worsley

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So, I’ve just returned from the Lucy Worsley tour. France has never been on my bucket list but that’s entirely my mistake. If I was younger, I’d become fluent in French & move there! While there, thanks to my hosts, I was blessed to visit the chateau that opens this upcoming Scottish novel releasing next January 2023. It was interesting to see how my pandemic research lined up with reality. Walking the grounds and gardens of this castle was an emotional experience for me. Setting is so important in my novels and actually being there was more beautiful and grand than I ever imagined it to be. I could easily envision my heroine moving along the chateau’s paths and parterres and fountains in her beautiful 18th-century gown!

I’ve been a Lucy Worsley fan for years, both her books and her BBC series. She really is the historical queen! As Chief Curator at Historic Royal Palaces, her office, from what I understand, is Hampton Court Palace. She is a fascinating speaker and so personable. I had a cheeky American moment & remarked that if she ever tired of British history I had some American I would give her;) But honestly, who ever tires of centuries of British history? She was gracious about my novels and took a bookmark from me. I now wish I’d gotten a selfie with her but I wasn’t that cheeky!

This tour was truly incredible, curated by Author Fan Travel, who makes these adventures so unique & memorable for everyone. I’m excited to be doing a Scotland tour with them next month!

We experienced so many amazing things while in France like the Louvre museum, the palace of Versailles, Malmaison – the country estate or chateau of Napoleon Bonaparte and Josephine, the little village of Barbizon which was the historical home to artists, the Conciergerie where Marie Antionette was imprisoned before her execution, and much more. French cuisine is delicious! Best croissants and coffee ever. I’m still not a fan of macarons but I did try Laduree!

I’ve been blessed to travel quite a bit since childhood, even attending school in England years ago, but the more of the world I see the less I know! If you’d like more photos, please visit me on Instagram. If you’re wanting even more photos, tap my Travel button on that page…

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So thankful to be out & about in the world again!