February by the fire…

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2018 has started off with some historical fireworks given the stellar reading line-up for fiction. My stack overfloweth! Here’s a peek. I’m always happy to talk books. Word of mouth continues to be the best way to spread the word about them. And as you can see, I’m adding what I’m watching, too, as I sit by the fire this last month of winter.

A few words about each…

Garrow’s Law: Based on the life of the lawyer that turned the English court system on end, William Garrow, this is a series of only 3 seasons that began as research for me. While writing this Scottish novel due out in January 2019, I needed to learn about the court system in 18th-century Britain. Although research books were helpful, this series really fleshed it out on film!

The Saturday Night Supper Club: I absolutely loved Carla Laureano’s Five Days in Skye because of the Scottish setting and thoughtful romance. Being a foodie, her latest novel sounds delicious, too!

Keturah: A brand new series titled The Sugar Baron’s Daughters just released with a lush cover and fresh setting in the West Indies. Each book showcases one of three sisters and opens with Keturah.

Phoebe’s Light : I endorsed the historic gem with pleasure. Even the heroine’s name – Phoebe Starbuck – left me smitten. And I loved learning about Nantucket history as I know so little about the northeast. The cover & title are a perfect fit for the story.

An Imperfect Woman – I was drawn to the cracked teacup on this cover. Haven’t we all felt like that? Lovely at times yet so imperfect? Author Kim Hyland nails it when she says: “Letting go of the need to have it all together.” Looking forward to chapter one!

I’d love to know what you’re reading! What do you like best about it?