Dressing a new heroine

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dress collage

We’re already gearing up for that next novel!

Recently my publisher sent me a portfolio of gowns to choose from for my next book cover. The dresses above aren’t the ones I was sent (no spoilers for you!) but are from Pinterest. It’s not difficult to bid farewell to those big hoop skirts Wren was wearing in 1850 and leap back in time to 1783 and these lovely round gowns, quilted petticoats, lace and embroidery and whatnot. I especially like those 18th-century sleeves and fichus. Quite feminine and alluring.

I was delighted to find that Revell likes the working title of this next novel so much they are keeping it. They said it had a sense of intrigue and suited the storyline so well. After all the romancey titles from The Ballantyne Legacy, this one is quite different!

I’ve made a big splash about cover art and titles in the past but this year I’m not going to say a word. When the new cover appears I’ll just let you tell me:)

Here’s to great titles, lovely gowns, and upcoming book covers!