Be still my historical heart!

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I don’t spend a lot of time on PInterest but I was over there recently when this lovely image floated by. Be still my historical heart! So I pinned this pin and gave thanks for another beautiful Dutch cover. I was in the Netherlands years ago and have never forgotten it so this delights me. It even has the look of a painting, dare I say by the Dutch masters? Yes, I’m that smitten! Thanks to my Dutch publisher, KOK, and designer, Mark Hesseling, for a cover that made my jaw drop at first look! For non-Dutch speakers, the title is The Destination of Elisabeth which fits so well with the story. I am a fan of headless heroines as they leave much to the reader’s imagination. I also love the inclusion of one of Colonial Williamsburg’s most beautiful buildings, the color of the dress with that lacy sleeve, and the way our heroine is touching her necklace. Not to mention the lovely font and scrolling design…

The first review is in for The Lacemaker! I cannot thank Melissa Parcel and RT Reviews enough for this beauty. I always hold my breath as those first reviews roll in. I do believe this is my most romantic novel yet (sorry, Morrow!), and I hope you find it so, too. Had to hand you something that gives you all the feels after that very historical, not-too-many-kisses A Moonbow Night! Love how this new review is worded. Makes me want to read my own book!

Only 39 more days till release!