August’s Joys

Laura Frantz Uncategorized


Can’t believe summer is almost gone! Thankfully, it was one of the most beautiful summers on record here, as this photo attests…

august joys collage best

I had so much fun with my men the past few months. There’s Wyatt at top right, on his way to becoming a firefighter very soon. Paul looks a little like Moses with that staff on our hike for berries up in the foothills. We had a bountiful pea crop, too, and have been shelling them on the porch in the evenings…

peach pie minis

We made peach pies in all sizes and varieties this summer. Recipes to come…

wren collage bestest

And finally, Wren recently arrived to join her aunt Ellie and grandmother Eden. So good to have all my girls together at last:)


Care to share some summer memories? I’d love to know what went on in your neck of the woods!