april’s gifts

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Since I’ve been introduced to the JOY DARE I’ve begun to take notice of those gifts that come to us each day. Some are even wrapped in dark packages! April has always been one of my favorite months with Easter, a birthday, spring, and whatnot …

april's gifts 4

I may be too old for an Easter basket but not an Easter box, thanks to a dear reader in Kentucky:) Those tiny chocolate bunnies were too cute to eat (but I did!)…

april's gifts 3

Thanks to a return to good weather, Randy and the boys finished an arbor at one end of the garden for some heirloom loganberries that have gone wild…

april's gifts 2

I finally had my frontiersman framed. The gallery ladies told me they’d fallen in love with him and hated to see him go!

april's gifts cake

A birthday brought one amazing German Chocolate Cake,  the first in years…

april's gifts 1

Then came the pages for this next Ballantyne book, the final stop before print…

brandon cover shoot shot

And Brandon Hill surprised me by posting this shot of all our hilarity from the cover shoot of Love’s Fortune🙂 I had such fun messing this lovely model up!


 Lest you think it’s all rosy in the Frantz household I won’t go into detail about the Easter flu or our Paul coming home with HandFoot, and Mouth Disease, something I thought entirely fictitious. It’s not;) Life is never dull, huh? I’ll just focus on the positive here and stay thankful.

Hope you had a blessed Easter and April has held some special gifts, too!