Fashion Fridays

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If you’ve read my novels you know how much I enjoy dressing those heroines! But my interest and admiration with fashion extends beyond the 18th-century. I’d love to have you join me each Friday as I post images of gowns from various centuries in private & museum collections around the world. Exquisite history, indeed! Fashion Friday  

A Most Romantic Verse

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I love a good love story. And the Bible has some beautiful ones. Recently I stumbled across this verse and don’t ever recall reading it before, at least not in the current version I’m attached to. The Amplified Bible is so rich and layered. Being a word lover, the more words the better. Being a romance writer, the more romantic …

A Company of Heroes

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Everybody loves a hero, be it in books, films, or real life. America was built on the bones of great heroes like Boone and Washington, Lee and Lincoln, to name just a few. Historical authors have a wealth of inspiration to draw from and I’m so grateful! Readers often ask about the inspiration behind my heroes. How I find names. …