Mistress Galleys

There is a phenomenon in publishing known as ‘galleys’ and they have sailed into my life for the seventh time;) In my pre-publishing days, when I existed in a state of ignorant bliss, I thought galleys sounded rather romantic and images like this floated...

the Word

The word of God is a living thing. It has both warmth and intellect. It has discretion, generosity, subtlety, movement, authority. It has a heart and a pulse. It keeps a beat and has a musical voice that allows it to sing. It enchants and it soothes. It argues and it...

Cover Reveal from Revell

A marriage of convenience. She is in love with someone else. He has no wish to love again. What could possibly go wrong? Releases September 8th Available for pre-order: Amazon, Christianbook.com, Barnes&Noble

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