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Celestial Blue

In my newly released novel, An Uncommon Woman, I found it fascinating to create a heroine who longs for pretty things but is denied them. In fact, the novel's first line states, "Why could she not quit pondering that flounced petticoat?" Tessa Swan craves feminine...

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Fiction Wish List 2020

2019 was a banner year for books and 2020 is looking just as fine if not finer. Here are a few of my most anticipated reads for the first half of 2020. No doubt some wonderful novels have eluded my reading radar. Please let me know, if so! I am always delighted so see...

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Winter Chat

Recently I 'sat' down with readers for a day in December and invited their questions. We talked Christmas and books! I'll be doing these chats once a month on my Facebook author page and would love for you to join me next time on Thursday, January 23rd, 2020. Here are...

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Kentucky Christmas Cookies

I've eaten a lot of sugar cookies in my lifetime and these are, hands down, my favorite. I've been baking these for over 25 years now and this is the tried and true recipe. I don't frost them as prettily as these shown here. Honestly, we eat them too fast. Here's...

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A book beneath the tree

There are so many reasons I love Christian fiction. This image by my publisher, Revell, captures it beautifully. UNWRAP HOPE & LOVE THIS HOLIDAY. So much of what the world offers fails in this, especially fiction. I recently asked readers on my Facebook author...

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