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George who?

Every century has its name preferences. The 18th-century is full of Marthas and Anns and Janes. I even have my hero jest about it in novel 11 when he meets the heroine whose name is more uncommon. As far as manly names, George reigns! Indeed, King George fought a war...

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A Wee Surprise!

A wee surprise! For those with pre-orders of A Bound Heart, here’s a link for you with a surprise & social media images to celebrate this upcoming release! Thank you!   PREORDER...

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Fashion Friday

There are so many periods of dress that shine and the Edwardian era is at the forefront. This lovely wedding ensemble from the House of Paquin is crafted from silk, cotton, and beads. Downton Abby fans rejoice! This creation is in the collection of the Metropolitan...

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Books, chocolate, snow and a few of my favorite things

Only 5 more Tuesdays till A BOUND HEART releases! Cover art is like chocolate to me and so this image makes me smile. Add in snow, one of my favorite things, and I felt prompted to start a Tuesday countdown till release day. This 10th novel has a cover that even my...

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Kentucky Sugar Cookies

*After years of trying many sugar cookie recipes, we believe these are the best. I get to make them more than once during the holiday season and they're wonderful to give as gifts.   COOKIES Cream together: 1 cup butter and 2/3 cup sugar Beat in: 1 egg Add: 1 teaspoon...

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The History of the Christy Award

Since 1999, The Christy Awards™ have honored Christian novels of excellence, imagination, and creativity. The Christy Award™ is designed to nurture and encourage creativity and quality in the writing and publishing of fiction written from a Christian worldview and...

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