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Novel News

As an author, I'm aware of the fine balance between not telling readers enough and telling too much. Beware of spoilers! Since there have been some requests to share what comes next, I'm delighted to write this post. I'll try not to overshare! TMI, as my sons say:)...

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Character Inspiration for A BOUND HEART

Being a visual person, I enjoy finding images that fit my characters on Pinterest or other places that flesh out my word pictures on the page. Yet I don't often post them because every reader has a different version of the hero and heroine in their head & heart...

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A Bound Heart releases!

My 10th novel, A Bound Heart, releases today! When I think back to my debut, The Frontiersman's Daughter, it seems so long ago. Ten heroines {Lael, Morrow, Roxanna, Eden, Ellie, Wren, Sophie, Tempe, Lady Elisabeth, & now Lark} and ten heroes {Ian, Red Shirt,...

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A Gilded Life

Authors have vivid imaginations which is why I envision the rest of the story with my 6th great-grandfather, George Hume, the inspiration behind my new release A BOUND HEART. As I was researching and writing this story of my heart & heritage, I kept wondering what...

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Christmas Punch

A family favorite! 2 (2 quart) bottles chilled Cran*Raspberry juice (no-sugar-added but sweetened with fruit juice), 1 (1 liter) bottle of chilled club soda, 6 cups orange juice (we like fresh squeezed but that's a lot of oranges!) Fresh oranges {thinly sliced},...

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For the love of snow globes

I've always been enchanted with snow globes. Though I've looked for a long time, a snow globe with a log cabin has eluded me. But one with a Scottish castle and heroine might do! Three more Tuesdays till A Bound Heart releases! Favorite scene in the novel: The firefly...

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