Another review…and ask your library!

July 31, 2015 | Comment on This

RT review best

Reviews are starting to come in from major trade publications like RT Review, USA Today, and such. I’m very grateful for this top pick by RT Review. Given this story was written at a time when I had nothing much to give, I can only credit the infilling of the Holy Spirit for any accolades/praise. HE truly is the Father who never fails!

This novel is a book of the heart in more ways than one. I’d carried the story idea around with me for some time and was smitten with my hero even before I put him down on paper. It is probably my most suspenseful novel to date and I hope/pray you find it as hard to put down reading it as I did writing it!

I’d like to encourage those of you on a book budget to kindly ask your library, specifically your acquisitions librarian, if they will order The Mistress of Tall Acre. Most are happy to honor patron’s requests. That way, many people can read and enjoy. Love those libraries!

Not too much longer till release day, September 1st!

Cabin fever

July 23, 2015 | Comment on This

 I’m back:) Heartfelt thanks to those of you who have waited patiently for me to unpack my last box! Here’s a little snapshot of our journey to our Kentucky cabin…

july cabin map

We traveled 2800 miles by car and moving van across 9 states in mid-June. We were blessed with great weather, good health, and no breakdowns along the route. It was truly an incredible, memorable trip…

july cabin cat

Upon our arrival this charming creature greeted us. We were told the cat came with the cabin! Paul named him ‘Thomas’ since he’s a Tom but we’ve since learned his real name is ‘Alvin.’ He’s pretty sweet!

Here’s a view of our humble home below blue skies…

july cabin porch swing

One of my favorite places is out on the front porch. My dear Kentucky kin gifted us with this porch swing. Needless to say, I’m swinging every chance I get!

july cabin screen inside

Here’s looking out the screen door into the woods. There’s almost always a breeze and we’re surrounded by oaks and pecans and hickories, etc. Lael would definitely approve!

july cabin dresser

Our wonderful realtor and his wife told us about the Peddler’s Mall nearby and I found this lovely dresser and tucked it in a cabin corner…

july cabin key

Down the way in Paint Lick is Todd’s Antiques where I discovered my old desk. I’m quite smitten with the little key. Lots of cubbyholes within…

july cabin desk

It’s called a ‘plantation desk’ and is thought to be about 200 years old. I was able to bring it home for a very reasonable price. I believe the wood is walnut. Love the matching seat…

One of the biggest joys has been moving in family heirlooms like my great-granny’s china cabinet. She lived on a farm right down the road from our cabin…

A little logging and laundry off the back deck. The cabin is truly a work in progress and has many charms and eccentricities and flaws! But it’s a joy to wake up in every morning and call it home. Home at last!

divider best

Now, enough of me. What about YOU? I’ve missed reading friends here and need to know what’s happening in your neck of the woods. Please feel free to write a novella and catch me up…!

Counting down till release day with you…

June 25, 2015 | Comment on This

roxie prerelease banner

Special thanks to my marketing director and Revell for this beautiful pre-release banner. I especially like the lovely font, the touch of pink, and the lace border. And I even spy Tall Acre’s chimneys in the background. The art team truly captured the look and spirit of my heroine. I can’t wait for you to meet her!

Only 73 more days now…

The road home

June 3, 2015 | Comment on This

Here we are and it’s June!

I want to update the journal here before I sign off for the summer. I’ll join you again in August when the release day for The Mistress of Tall Acre draws near. For now we are finalizing the big move and getting ready to go.

cabin drive fall

Here’s the road leading up to the cabin, taken last fall when I saw it for the first time. I’ll be sure and post a summer foliage picture soon. It’s quite lush this time of year. Since the cabin is situated on its own little hill, you can see the sun rise and set from the front porch. My first purchase will be a porch swing:) Can’t wait to get my fill of sweet tea and lightning bugs, neither of which exist in the Pacific Northwest.

We need and appreciate your prayers as we begin this big adventure. Praying you have a blessed summer and we can catch up when I return!

Psalm 121: 7~8

Love’s Awakening in audio!

May 27, 2015 | Comment on This

ellie audio

Ellie is in audio format and I’m thrilled! For friends who are audiophiles, here’s the link. The lovely Angela Brazil narrates all three books in the series and you can have a ‘wee listen’ as Silas would say. Ellie looks quite coy here. Love the blue dress:)

Happy end of May to you!

First review…

May 14, 2015 | Comment on This

mistress cbd

Those of you who know me know book promo is hard for me. Since I view writing as ministry, and the very act of writing a gift, it goes against the grain to deal with numbers. My instinct and heart’s desire is simply to give my books away. I once had a job in sales but was so terrible at it I quit before they could fire me;) But publishing, too, is a business, even Christian publishing, and I’d be remiss if I didn’t extend heartfelt thanks to CBD and share this beautiful review for The Mistress of Tall Acre. I like the little coffee cup symbol which means it’s new and recommended.

It’s a real thrill to see this story well received out of the gate because there’s a whole other story behind it. When you read the dedication you’ll get a tiny window on that.

Anyway, for those of you who like to pre-order, this is a great opportunity to pick up the novel for far less. Here’s the CBD link.

Happy reading ~ almost!

all things

May 9, 2015 | Comment on This

dogwood bestA precious secret of Christian life is to have Jesus dwelling within the heart and conquering things we could never overcome. It is the only secret of power in our lives. Men cannot understand it nor will the world believe it is true that God will come to dwell within us and be the power, the purity, the victory and the joy of our lives. Our attitude will no longer be, “What is the best that I can do?” but we will ask, “What is the best that Christ can do?

I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me. ~Philippians 4:13
Days of Heaven on Earth
A.B. Simpson

May day!

May 1, 2015 | Comment on This

 Life is a whirlwind, I recently told a friend. May has arrived and I’m not ready:) I’ve decided  to update the journal here monthly as time gets away from me. Heartfelt thanks to those of you who read my ramblings and comment and/or email in response. You mean more to me than I can say. Since my readers aren’t ‘fans’ but friends, I wanted to let you know of some upcoming changes…

journal may moving day

We’re moving! Due to a snowball of circumstances, it’s time to say goodbye to Washington State and return to Kentucky. Since I’ve been a little girl, it’s been my dream to live and write in a log cabin. Only the Lord could have brought this about. He truly gives us the desires of our hearts. This comes after a couple of years of walking in a valley with many changes and challenges. Here’s a photo of our cabin when I saw it for the first time last fall…

josh panorama cabin best

  After a 6 month pursuit, plenty of prayer, and the expertise of our amazing realtor, we can call it home. It’s especially meaningful since this cabin was originally built by a writer as a writing retreat, something we didn’t know at first. Not only that, it’s on the same road as my great-great grandfather’s farm that my family sold in the ’50s. So it’s truly coming home.

journal may audio

On the book front, those Ballantynes have made the leap from print to audio! It’s always been a dream of mine to listen as well as read Eden and Ellie and Wren’s stories, and now we can. Since I’m not usually an audio listener but have been told by audio fans that it takes a story to a whole different level, I can’t wait to listen! Love’s Reckoning released  in audio format April 30th, Love’s Awakening releases in May and then Love’s Fortune in June. The narrator is the lovely Angela Brazil and you can hear her reading an excerpt here…

Love’s Reckoning Audio Excerpt

A blessed May day to you!

Spring break (sort of)!

April 8, 2015 | Comment on This

spring break roger

Time is flying and I need to catch up with you here on the journal so will try to keep it short and sweet! Hope you had a beautiful Easter wherever you are. We celebrated by going to a sunrise service at the beach. Fellow churchgoer and friend, Roger Mosley, shared this photo with me after the service. It was so beautiful there and a very shivery 35 degrees at 7 am. But God’s handiwork was really on display at Freshwater Bay as you can see…

spring break pie

The boys have been on spring break so I’ve spent more time in the kitchen than my desk lately, occasionally taking a break to post pics on Instagram, my latest obsession;) If you’re over there, please look me up and I’ll follow you. It’s a really creative place, my second favorite site, with Pinterest still firmly in the lead;) And I’m living proof you don’t need to be handy with a camera to open an account!

tempe story

Thankfully, there’s lots of book buzz happening with audio versions releasing soon for The Ballantyne Legacy series first, followed by the Kentucky books. In the meantime I’m working away at a new Kentucky story. Here’s a bit of silliness from today’s bout of work ~ but no spoilers for you! I can’t wait for you to meet these characters and join me along the Shawnee and Chenoa Rivers in ‘the year of the bloody sevens’ as it came to be known, or 1777.

LifeWay best

Lastly, I’m excited to announce that I’ll be celebrating my next release, The Mistress of Tall Acre, at the beautiful Richmond, Kentucky LifeWay store this fall:

Release Party/Book Signing
for The Mistress of Tall Acre

September 26th, 2015
LifeWay Christian Store
Richmond Centre
2085 Lantern Ridge Drive
Richmond, Kentucky

2-4 p.m.

As the event draws near I’ll post more details. If you’re in the heart of Kentucky during that time or can travel to get there, I’d love to see you!

Happy spring!