2019 was a banner year for books and 2020 is looking just as fine if not finer. Here are a few of my most anticipated reads for the first half of 2020. No doubt some wonderful novels have eluded my reading radar. Please let me know, if so!

I am always delighted so see more frontier fiction on the horizon. The Heart’s Stronghold captures the time period and setting so well. Four unique stories by different authors is a frontier feast! Skip across the pond to the Regency period and The House at the End of the Moor which I had the privilege of endorsing. The hero at the gate won me right over! If you’re looking for strongly researched stories about historic events, Veiled in Smoke is another winner from Jocelyn Green. Go west with Rachel Fordham for A Life Once Dreamed. Rachel writes the west so well, her settings so memorable!

India is on my bucket list of places to visit and A Mosaic of Wings let me do a bit of armchair traveling which was a delight! Susie Finkbeiner writes such fresh fiction and this title won me right over.  Stories that Bind Us promises another unique and memorable novel. And I was wide-eyed over a new Appalachian writer and the evocative cover & title of What Momma Left Behind. I actually sighed when I first saw Set the Stars Alight from the very gifted Amanda Dykes. Her beautiful prose and rich characterization are remarkable!


The lavender shades of A Reckless Love & An Appalachian Summer make a perfect pairing. Beth White excels in Civil War-era fiction and Ann H. Gabhart is a fellow Kentuckian who loves Appalachia like I do and brings it to life so well.


I don’t usually stray far from historical fiction but with such gifted contemporary authors nowadays I’m happy to leap into another century. Stay With Me and If For Any Reason have romantic, even dreamy, titles & covers but the authors aren’t afraid to tackle real people with real issues. As a coffee lover, I’m immediately drawn to The Solid Grounds Coffee Company. Check out Carla Laureano’s prior Scottish novels, too. And what’s not to like about Rachel Hauck’s richly textured cover and intrigue of The Fifth Avenue Story Society?


Last but certainly not least is this standout cover by Harper Collin’s Rachel McMillan, a world traveling author who brings her many real-life adventures to the page. I am all about that hat and those pearls and a hint of a lacy glove! London is one of my favorite cities and I cannot wait to delve into The London Restoration.

But wait, there’s more, far more! Here is just a glimpse of other titles coming in the next few months that are nothing short of a fictional feast…


And now I’m impatiently waiting on cover reveals for the latter half of 2020…

Happy reading till then!