Christian Fiction Readers Retreat!

July 10, 2017 | Comment on This

One of my favorite annual events is coming up in a month – CFRR or the Christian Fiction Readers Retreat. I attended its debut event last year in Nashville and it was both memorable and inspiring and just downright FUN! When it moved to Cincinnati this year I was delighted as it’s even closer to the Kentucky cabin. It’s truly a JOY being with both authors and readers at the same time. The creators and organizers – Bonnie, Carrie, and Annie (or A, B, C as I call them) are some of the most savvy, Christ-honoring beings I’ve ever met.

I hope you consider joining us in future. You won’t regret it. And I’d so love to meet you!

Here’s the website for detailed info:

Christian Fiction Readers Retreat


4 responses to “Christian Fiction Readers Retreat!”

  1. Amy M. says:

    Bought my tickets as soon as they went on sale months ago and Can. Not. Wait. To see you again. Last year was beyond anything I expected, so there was NO way I was passing up another opportunity to hang out with some of the greatest authors in the world. (pointing at you, Mrs. Frantz!) Prepare yourself for more hugging! 🙂

    • laurafrantz says:

      Dear Amy! I’m over the moon(bow) you’ll be there again, too! You sum CFRR up so beautifully in your thoughtful comments:) Truly, it’s a wonder of a day and even the lunch was delicious! But the fellowship with reading friends like you made it so meaningful. I’m pinching myself that it’s so close after months of waiting. And this year should be even more fun if that’s possible I couldn’t believe last year’s event went off without a hitch and it was the first time – so just imagine what year 2 will bring! Counting down with you and looking forward to more of those hugs you do so well!! 🙂

  2. Mary Jill Coombs says:

    Oh Laura I cannot even imagine such a Gathering Of godly women,You being the highlight of course for me. I don’t go far from home these days But it is Jesus and me Now instead of Jamie and me! And I am happy to report that God just Lifted up a burden from me and I am amazed by His Power and give him all the Glory!Looking so forward to The Lace Maker!! Love you Laura

    • laurafrantz says:

      You have such a way with words, Mary Jill! A gathering of Godly women, indeed:) I feel so blessed getting to go again. It’s a whirlwind day and so full of fellowship and fun! But more importantly, I’m rejoicing with you that God is so faithful and has lifted that burden and replaced it with JOY! Beauty for ashes. Thank you for sharing that. Love your faithful, transparent heart. I know it will bless not only me here but others who need that, too. Praying for you today and more times of sweet, ongoing restoration!